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About this site

Is the same website as

Yes, it's the same website with a new name. The term "deceptive pattern" is now being used in place of "dark patterns" in an effort to be clearer and more inclusive.

Who runs this site?

Harry Brignull is the UX specialist who started this campaign against deceptive patterns in 2010 (formerly Harry also provides expert witness services. If there’s something specific you’d like to know, Harry welcomes enquiries - you can find out more on his website:

How do I participate?

Use Twitter to spread the word. It's a really effective way to put pressure onto companies to stop doing this sort of thing

How do I cite this website?

Please treat this website as you would any other academic source. You can use information, quotes and images from this website, provided that you clearly cite the source every time. For example – if you create a slide deck, please mention this website as the source on every slide that contains information that you got from here.

If you're using APA style, here's how to cite a website in APA style, and here's how to cite a secondary source (i.e. a link that you found via this site).

Can we work together?

If you want to collaborate on something, send a direct message on Twitter and we'll take it from there.

Website alumni

This website has been around for many years. Lots of people have helped out a lot along the way, including: Alastair Driver, Marc Miquel, Alex Goluszko, James Offer, Joe Dollar-Smirnov, Mart Gordon and Jeremy Rosenberg.