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APA 7th edition

Reference list entry:
Brignull, H., Leiser, M., Santos, C., & Doshi, K. (2023, April 25). Deceptive patterns – user interfaces designed to trick you. Retrieved April 25, 2023, from

(Brignull et al., 2023)

Brignull et al. (2023)


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MLA 9th Edition

Reference list entry:
Brignull, Harry, et al. “Deceptive Patterns – User Interfaces Designed to Trick You.”, 25 Apr. 2023, Accessed 25 Apr. 2023.

(Brignull et al.)

Brignull et al.


Reference list entry:
Brignull, H, Leiser, M, Santos, C & Doshi, K, 'Deceptive Design' (2023) accessed 25 April 2023