If you intend to use this component with Finsweet's Table of Contents attributes follow these steps:
  1. Remove the current class from the content27_link item as Webflows native current state will automatically be applied.
  2. To add interactions which automatically expand and collapse sections in the table of contents select the content27_h-trigger element, add an element trigger and select Mouse click (tap)
  3. For the 1st click select the custom animation Content 27 table of contents [Expand] and for the 2nd click select the custom animation Content 27 table of contents [Collapse].
  4. In the Trigger Settings, deselect all checkboxes other than Desktop and above. This disables the interaction on tablet and below to prevent bugs when scrolling.

Part 5: Stamping out deceptive patterns

The fact that deceptive patterns haven’t gone away or reduced in volume in recent years means that whatever we’ve tried so far isn’t working. It would have been nice to have seen success in some countries or legal jurisdictions so we could look closely at what they’ve done, but sadly the story is pretty similar worldwide.

When I first wrote about deceptive patterns in 2010, I naively hoped that the problem was mainly around lack of awareness. I hoped that techniques like education, codes of ethics, naming and shaming, and self-regulation would be enough. Given how deceptive patterns are now substantially more widespread than ever before, it’s obvious that these approaches aren’t working on their own...