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Can Clubhouse Move Fast Without Breaking Things?

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The 11-month old audio social network is compelling. It also has some very grown-up problems.

Feb 25, 2021

Kevin Roose | Feb 25, 2021

When FOMO Trumps Privacy: The Clubhouse Edition

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Clubhouse, the new audio-based social media app... is gaining lots of attention. Part of its popularity comes from it being pegged as the next social media giant. Beyond the hype, its epic product privacy failures are what warrants scrutiny.

Feb 19, 2021

Lourdes Turrecha | Feb 19, 2021

Clubhouse app makes it possible for users to pause notifications but not stop them completely from the in-app settings.

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Although it is possible to stop notifications via the iOS operating system settings, if the user goes into the settings area of the clubhouse app, they are only able to temporarily pause notifications.

Feb 15, 2021

wichsp | Feb 15, 2021