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When a user uses duolingo on a series of consecutive days, this is called a streak. If users miss a day, they can pay to 'repair' it.

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Wow, didn't know you could pay to continue your broken streak on Duolingo. Not sure how I feel about this.

Aug 21, 2022

Paras Chopra | Aug 21, 2022

Duolingo's A/B testing use is causing users to flock to its premium model, now at 3.3 million accounts

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'"We use A/B testing to optimize nearly everything related to our products, from new gamification features, to our learning content, to our Super [Duolingo] purchase page design, and even to the notifications that learners receive as reminders to do their lessons," said von Ahn'

Aug 21, 2022

Pittsburgh Inno | Aug 21, 2022