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JustFab Countdown timer.

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Countdown Timer on In this instance, the stated offer is valid even after the hour long timer expires.

Feb 21, 2021

Mathur, Arunesh; Acar, Gunes; Friedman, Michael J.; Lucherini, Elena; Mayer, Jonathan; Chetty, Marshini; Narayanan, Arvind | Feb 21, 2021

Just Fab: Membership Upon Purchase.

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The user can unknowingly sign up for a membership to the site when they purchase something unless they read the fine print in the terms and conditions

Jul 23, 2013

Gray et al. | Jul 23, 2013

The slippery slope

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A presentation by Harry Brignull on Dark Patterns. Includes examples from Apple,, Royal Mail, Santander, Quora, Twitter, The Ladders, JustFab, and M&S.

Jul 23, 2013

Harry Brignull | Jul 23, 2013