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Linkedin limits user choice to drive engagement.

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Linkedin asks the user a yes/no question but instead of allowing the user to answer "no", the button reads "No, show me more"

Jun 28, 2021

SimonGabriel | Jun 28, 2021

LinkedIn: accessing messages.

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When engagement metrics drive the decision. On the left, Twitter’s email with the direct message text included. On the right, LinkedIn’s email forcing me to open the app to see the message. Drives me Bananas every time!

Mar 04, 2021

lil_dill | Mar 04, 2021

Wired: How Facebook and Other Sites Manipulate Your Privacy Choices

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Social media platforms repeatedly use so-called dark patterns to nudge you toward giving away more of your data.

Aug 12, 2020

Arielle Pardas | Aug 12, 2020

LinkedIn: unsubscribe.

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After hunting down the tiny link I was sure I had cancelled my @LinkedIn premium subscription last month. Turns out they switch the primary and secondary button so at a glance you think you are performing the opposite action

Nov 23, 2019

occitanemoron | Nov 23, 2019

LinkedIn: Sync contacts.

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Some more #darkpatterns here, by LinkedIn. You can either sync, or postpone for later.

Oct 06, 2019

pappasadrian | Oct 06, 2019

LinkedIn: unsubscribe.

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Trying to cancel my @LinkedIn premium... that is dark pattern isn't it?

Aug 21, 2019

mutebg | Aug 21, 2019

After Lawsuit Settlement, LinkedIn’s Dishonest Design Is Now A $13 Million Problem.

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If you’ve ever signed up, or even known anyone who has signed up, for LinkedIn, you’ve probably been on the receiving end of dozens of follow-up emails, inviting you to “expand your professional network.” These messages are virtually impossible to opt-out of.

May 10, 2015

Brownlee, John | May 10, 2015

LinkedIn Dark Patterns.

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A detailed analysis of Linkedin's deceptive practices, relating to the Perkins v. Linkedin Corp. lawsuit.

Jun 05, 2014

Schlosser, Dan | Jun 05, 2014

Perkins v. Linkedin Corp.

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The full case text of Perkins v. Linkedin Corp. This is the class action lawsuit in which Linkedin was required to pay roughly $13 million due to their use of various dark patterns, including "Friend Spam".

Jan 01, 2014

Author unknown | Jan 01, 2014