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Windows: Edge promotion.

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Wow, the dark patterns in Windows to keep you on Edge are quite something. Search bing for Chrome leads to huge banner promo for Edge. Changing the default browser pops up promo for Edge.

Mar 11, 2021

cramforce | Mar 11, 2021

Microsoft interrupts users during Windows boot sequence to nudge them to switch to Microsoft Edge web browser.

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Despite the user already having chosen their preferred web browser and search engine, Microsoft forces users to consider switching to Edge and Bing. If the user is not paying attention, they may mistakenly opt in to this change.

Feb 15, 2021

KimbleyIT | Feb 15, 2021

Wired: How Facebook and Other Sites Manipulate Your Privacy Choices

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Social media platforms repeatedly use so-called dark patterns to nudge you toward giving away more of your data.

Aug 12, 2020

Arielle Pardas | Aug 12, 2020

Dark patterns identified in the consent-obtaining mechanisms of Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft

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Qualitative evaluation of the consent-obtaining mechanisms implemented and used by the five big tech companies, i.e. Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft (GAFAM)

Apr 15, 2020

SoheilHuman | Apr 15, 2020

Microsoft: consent preferences.

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Very @darkpatterns example by @Microsoft? What are my options here? "Accept optional data..." as opposed to "Yes send optional data...". I wish not to send anything. Which option should I choose?

Nov 30, 2019

BrtZndbrgn | Nov 30, 2019

Microsoft: Auto-select of promotional emails.

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@Microsoft please don't auto-select "contact me with promotional offers" after I deselected it and then navigated to select my region. It's unbecoming of what is otherwise a very good company.

Apr 25, 2019

AdamSmithKipnis | Apr 25, 2019

Deceived By Design

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A fantastic report by the Norwegian Consumer Council that explains how tech companies use dark patterns to discourage us from exercising our rights to privacy. Facebook, Google and Windows 10 are named and shamed.

Jun 27, 2018

Author unknown | Jun 27, 2018

Microsoft Admits It “Went Too Far” with Aggressive Windows 10 Updates.

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"One particular moment that fueled all this criticism was when Microsoft changed the behavior of the X button in the Get Windows 10 app, as clicking this button no longer canceled the upgrade, but ignored the setting and prepared the install in the background."

Dec 23, 2016

Popa, Bogdan | Dec 23, 2016

Windows 7: Updates selection.

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The Windows icon should bring you to the Windows update menu and let you select updates. Instead it takes you to the Windows update menu and you have to hit check for updates. This never used to be the case you used to be able to just select which updates are going to install.

Aug 14, 2016

u/Dwood15 | Aug 14, 2016

Windows 10: Forced Update.

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When an update is available, the user is unable to shutdown or restart their operating system without updating.

Oct 01, 2010

Gray et al. | Oct 01, 2010