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Docker Hub has a delay when users opt out of tracking, and no delay when users opt.

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"ummmm @Docker Hub cookies preferences take 20 seconds to be processed.. is this a @TrustArc technical challenge or a dark pattern? #darkpatterns"

Jul 01, 2021

BogdanCovrig | Jul 01, 2021

When you opt out of cookies in, it shows a processing screen which takes about a minute to complete. If you click 'accept', it is processed instantly .

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This website uses a privacy management tool called TrustArc which makes it much slower to opt out of tracking than to opt in.

Sep 21, 2020

Glassput | Sep 21, 2020

TrustArc appears to add a deliberate delay in their cookie preference manager.

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@TrustArc Why does your EUPreferenceManger consistenly take exactly 30 seconds to save my opt out cookie preferences? What is it doing?

Mar 06, 2018

troyhunt | Mar 06, 2018