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Unknown: Confirmshaming.

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"No, I don't like savings"

Mar 14, 2021

Steve_Bromley | Mar 14, 2021

Unknown: cancelling subscription.

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This is how the software company does its best to raise the threshold for purchasing a cloud service. You can’t get out of the contract without talking to the “customer success team”.

Mar 09, 2021

Noste | Mar 09, 2021

Unknown: preferences opt-out.

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Over 680 trackers and options for one webpage. "Accept all" or open each single item from a dropdown to opt-out. This is insane.

Mar 05, 2021

lowresolution | Mar 05, 2021

Unknown: cookie permissions menu.

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This is the worst cookie permissions menu I've seen. You can't tell what is turned on and what is off. The default when the menu opens up is the top three, with off in gray. When you click on off, you see both off and on without a gray filter. So is this on or off?

Feb 26, 2021

KimZetter | Feb 26, 2021

Unknown: cookie preferences.

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Here’s a ridiculous example of a deceptive dark pattern. Looks like advertising and analytics cookies are off by default, but the red button actually turns them on. You have to click «more options» to keep it disabled.

Oct 02, 2019

airavn | Oct 02, 2019

Unknown: marketing preferences.

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@darkpatterns on this danish Website. It says: You will also recieve our newsletter. Easy to unsubscribe. It has a checkbox that says: Okay, i understand. And if not checked, a warning appears forcing you to check it. Bad impression in the first 2 minutes.

Aug 28, 2019

VilladsClaes | Aug 28, 2019

Unknown: consent.

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I don’t want to turn into a data bore, but I’m really beginning to notice what I’ll call ‘consent architecture’. A single click of a massive button to let all the cookies do all the tracking. Or manually unclicking every button, one by one Practical and possible are v. Different

May 02, 2019

carljackmiller | May 02, 2019

Unknown: 'Add to cart to see price'.

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Site makes customer add item to shopping cart in order to see the price

Mar 08, 2019

LeslieRaeMag | Mar 08, 2019

Unknown: Price change during license subscription process.

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Impressed with this bug! #DarkUX This is a license purchase dialog for a software. Pay close attention to the UX: User looks at the price £2.50. Goes to Lifetime License. New price is £29.99. Animation brings out an input. User attention shifts to completing the transaction.

Jan 31, 2019

kuizinas | Jan 31, 2019

Incomplete Unsubscribe Process.

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How can a user unsubscribe from all mail? The page is very unclear and the user should be able to select multiple options.

May 15, 2017

Gray et al. | May 15, 2017

Confusing Wording.

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The site has the user select confusing options for what they actually want to do. OK proceeds to cancel the order, and cancel returns to the order.

Apr 06, 2017

Gray et al. | Apr 06, 2017