Competition and Markets Authority v. Viagogo

£400,000 in fines


Viagogo was held liable for failing to provide actual ticket prices, misleading customers about ticket availability, and imposing unfair deadlines for claiming refunds under their guarantee.

Our analysis

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has repeatedly warned Viagogo, a secondary ticketing site, to improve the way it presents information on its website in order to comply with UK consumer protection law. One area of focus has been the lack of information about the face value of tickets being offered for resale, as well as the fairness of certain restrictive terms and short deadlines for claiming refunds under Viagogo's guarantee. Despite legal action and a court order mandating Viagogo to overhaul its operations, the CMA has identified ongoing issues, such as incomplete information about resale restrictions, misleading claims about ticket availability, incomplete seat number information, and incomplete addresses of businesses selling tickets. The CMA contends that information about the face value of tickets is crucial for consumers to evaluate the quality of the ticket and to determine whether the price is reasonable. Additionally, information about time limits for claims under Viagogo's guarantee enables consumers to decide whether to use the platform for purchasing tickets.


The CMA has successfully obtained a court order against Viagogo, which mandates the company to reform its business practices and adhere to the law. The order requires Viagogo to provide customers with information about the risk of being turned away at the event, their assigned seat, and information about businesses selling tickets. Viagogo is prohibited from providing misleading information about ticket availability and popularity, and must make it easier for customers to obtain refunds under its guarantee. Additionally, Viagogo is required to prevent the sale of tickets that the seller does not own and must inform customers of the face value of tickets on its site. These changes will benefit customers by enabling them to make informed decisions, avoiding misleading information, providing legal protection, and facilitating the refund process.


Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and Viagogo

Case number

Claim No. FS-2018-000011

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