D.A.A.A. v. Miguel Ibanez Bezanilla S.L.

€ 3000 in fines


Miguel Ibáñez Bezanilla was fined by the Spanish DPA for multiple violations related to his website. These included the absence of a banner on cookies usage, insufficient information on the identity, features, and length of cookies, and the lack of an option to refuse them. The website was found to be technically unsafe, the privacy policy was not updated, and the provided cookie information was inadequate.

Our analysis

Miguel Ibáñez Bezanilla, S.L. was fined by the AEPD for violating various data protection regulations related to its website. The violations included the lack of safety measures for the website, the absence of data protection information and storage periods, and insufficient cookie information. The company's website required personal data such as name, surname, national ID, driving licence, chassis number, car number plate, and payment proof to make an order. However, the website did not offer a safe encryption protocol, making communication interception possible. The privacy policy was also outdated and referred to the former Spanish data protection law. Moreover, there was no banner on cookies usage, and the detailed part of the website referring to cookies did not provide information on identity, features or length, nor any option to refuse them. The defendant did not respond to AEPD's requirements, and the agency initiated a sanction procedure. The AEPD found that the defendant had violated Article 32 GDPR, Article 13 GDPR, and Article 22 LSSI due to the use of deceptive patterns such as hidden information and forced actions to conceal information and breach legal obligations.


The defendant was ordered by AEPD to rectify all the website violations within one month of the decision and also received a fine of € 3000.


D.A.A.A (complainant) and Miguel Ibáñez Bezanilla

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