In the Matter of LendEDU

$350,000 in fines


LendEDU was fined for promoting products in exchange for a fee and posting fake positive reviews on its website.

Our analysis

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) finalized a settlement with the Delaware-based comparison shopping website, LendEDU, over allegations that it engaged in deceptive actions.
-LendEDU was accused of promoting deceptive rankings of financial products in exchange for a fee and posting fake positive reviews on its website. The agency's administrative complaint revealed that LendEDU created a false impression of providing objective product information while actually offering higher rankings and ratings to companies that paid for placement.
-The FTC further alleged that LendEDU falsely claimed that compensation from advertisers did not affect the information on its website, and it touted fake positive reviews.
These actions were in violation of the Federal Trade Commission Act, 15 U.S.C. § 45, and constituted deceptive practices, particularly the use of fake social proof.


In the case outcome, the final order resolving the FTC's charges mandates that LendEDU and its operators are prohibited from misrepresenting the objectivity of product rankings, the impact of compensation on content, and material connections or endorsements with companies. Additionally, LendEDU is obligated to pay a fine of $350,000.


Federal Trade Commission and LendEDU

Case number

Docket No. C-4719

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