La Quadrature du Net v. Amazon Europe Core

€35 million in fines


CNIL found Amazon guilty of depositing cookies without prior consent and the failure to inform users about depositing cookie or the means to refuse them. 

Our analysis

The CNIL discovered that was placing a large number of cookies for advertising purposes on users' computers without their consent when they visited the site. The CNIL deemed this action to be a violation of the obligation to obtain user consent before depositing cookies, as these cookies were not essential to the service. The banner displayed on the site was also found to be inadequate in informing users residing in France beforehand and clearly about the deposit of cookies, their objectives, and how to refuse them. Moreover, when users visited after clicking on an advertisement published on another website, the same cookies were deposited without any banner being displayed. The CNIL found that Amazon committed two violations of Article 82 of the Data Protection Act by depositing cookies without prior consent and failing to inform users.


The CNIL has levied a fine of 35 million euros on AMAZON EUROPE CORE. The fine is a result of the company's placement of advertising cookies on the computers of users of the sales site without obtaining their prior consent or providing sufficient information about the use of cookies.


La Quadrature du Net through CNIL and Amazon Europe Core

Case number

Commission File No. 000-22513

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