Ramona Films S.L. Investigation by Spanish Agency for the Protection of Data

€8000 in fines


The Spanish DPA imposed a fine on an adult content website for violating data protection regulations. The website was penalised for using cookies without providing adequate information about their nature and purposes, as well as for having an outdated privacy policy that did not comply with the GDPR.

Our analysis

The Spanish DPA (AEPD) investigated Ramona Films S.L. (previously Kalandrakas Films S.L.), owner of https://www.putalocura.com, a website featuring adult and pornographic content, for potential processing of personal data and profiling of individuals under 14. The website had a warning about the adult content and advised minors to leave the site, but the AEPD discovered that the site used Forced Action by not providing an option to reject non-essential cookies or a second layer to select specific cookies. Additionally, when accessing the site, non-essential cookies were used without prior consent, and there was hidden information about the nature and identity of the cookies. The AEPD determined that the site's cookie policy violated the Spanish Law of Information Society Services (LSSI), which requires complete information on cookie use and data processing purposes and GDPR compliance when cookies identify users. The AEPD also found that the website's privacy policy referred to outdated data protection laws, demonstrating hidden information and inadequate data protection information, violating Article 13 GDPR.


After finding Lia's Clothes (an online clothes store) in violation of Article 22.2 of the Spanish Law of Information Society Services and Article 13 of the GDPR, the AEPD issued a fine of €10,000. However, because the controller paid the fine within the given timeframe and without objection, the fine was reduced to €8000. The AEPD also ordered the controller to revise its privacy and cookie policy to comply with GDPR regulations.


Ramona Films S.L. and Spanish Agency for Protection of Data

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