Italian Consumer Code - Article 21


Considers all aspects of advertising to determine if it is misleading, including information on products, prices, and the advertiser's attributes and rights.


In determining whether advertising is misleading, all its features shall be taken into account, and in particular any information it contains concerning:
a) the characteristics of goods or services, such as their availability, nature, execution, composition, method and date of manufacture or provision, fitness for purpose, uses, quantity, specification, geographical or commercial origin, or the results that may be obtained from their use, or the results and material features of tests or checks carried out on the goods or services;
b) the price or the manner in which the price is calculated and the conditions on which the goods or services are supplied;
c) the category, attributes and rights of the advertiser, such as his identity and assets, his qualifications and ownership of intellectual and industrial property rights, all other rights over intangible property relating to the business and his awards or distinctions. 

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