District’s Consumer Protection Procedures Act § 28-3904


Outlines various unfair or deceptive trade practices, including misrepresenting goods or services, falsely claiming affiliations, quality, or characteristics, and using innuendo to mislead


It shall be a violation of this chapter for any person to engage in an unfair or deceptive trade practice, whether or not any consumer is in fact misled, deceived, or damaged thereby, including to:
(a) represent that goods or services have a source, sponsorship, approval, certification, accessories, characteristics, ingredients, uses, benefits, or quantities that they do not have;
(b) represent that the person has a sponsorship, approval, status, affiliation, certification, or connection that the person does not have;
(c) represent that goods are original or new if in fact they are deteriorated, altered, reconditioned, reclaimed, or second hand, or have been used;
(d) represent that goods or services are of particular standard, quality, grade, style, or model, if in fact they are of another;
(e) misrepresent as to a material fact which has a tendency to mislead;
(e-1) represent that a transaction confers or involves rights, remedies, or obligations which it does not have or involve, or which are prohibited by law;
(f) fail to state a material fact if such failure tends to mislead;
(f-1) use innuendo or ambiguity as to a material fact, which has a tendency to mislead;
(g) disparage the goods, services, or business of another by false or misleading representations of material facts;
(h) advertise or offer goods or services without the intent to sell them or without the intent to sell them as advertised or offered

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