State of Arizona, ex rel. Mark Brnovich, Attorney General v. Google, LLC

$85 million settlement


Google was held liable for deceptively tracking users' location data, even after they had disabled the "Location History" setting on their smartphones.

Our analysis

-The lawsuit against Google revolves around the collection of consumers' geolocation data on smartphones, even when users disabled location tracking: despite disabling the "Location History" setting, Google continued tracking device locations through other settings like Web & App Activity, subsequently using this data for targeted advertising.
The software is pre-programmed into Android phones purchased by consumers. The company's extensive data collection practices, including user physical locations, enable them to target users in specific geographic locations, often without their knowledge or consent.


Google has agreed to pay $85 million to settle claims made against the company under the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act and will also adjust its practices accordingly. As part of the settlement, the state sought financial compensation and mandated that Google disclose its earnings from deceptive activities in Arizona, in addition to potential civil penalties of up to $100,000 per violation.


State of Arizona and Google LLC

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